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Chevy Silverado Pro Lite Body

We scaled down our Chevy Silverado body to fit most Pro Lite Chassis’.  We went went with a new idea on this body and crafted a completely flat grill and headlight section.   This design prevents mud from being packed into this area, which had the potential to add a good amount of weight.  Our design keeps the mud off the truck.  This design paired with our signature sleek styling, will be definitely set you apart from the pack.


  • Race Purposes Only


  • Built-In Grille
  • Driver & Passenger Bedsides
  • Driver & Passenger Doors
  • Hood
  • Roof


  • Carbon Fiber (Call for Pricing)
  • Color Gelcoat (Call for Pricing)

Size / Part #

  • Complete Body
  • Hood/Grille
    #ULC-103 - $525
  • Driver Door
    #ULC-106 - $250
  • Passenger Door
    #ULC-107 - $250
  • Roof
    #ULC-108 - $100
  • Driver Bedside
    #ULC-109 - $225
  • Passenger Bedside
    #ULC-110 - $225

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