Armada Engineering Trophy Truck Body & a Look Into BigFoot at 40 Years Old!


El Cajon, CA

From Monster Trucks to your daily driver, FiberwerX is continuously refining their design and manufacturing capabilities while expanding their already extensive product line. As they celebrate the 40th anniversary of the FiberwerX bodied, Bigfoot Monster Truck empire, they are also incorporating computer aided design and CNC milling into their manufacturing process. FiberwerX is going faster in the desert too; posting a top five finish at the Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250. Check out the details below.


FiberwerX Executes New Body for Armada Engineering Trophy Truck

The Armada Engineering Trophy Truck body was designed entirely in CAD, (computer aided design). The solid models were then imported into a CNC machining program, and the resulting program fed into a 5 axis CNC mill. Bucks were milled out of 3lb density, polystyrene blocks. FiberwerX took the raw bucks, and did their finish work to create the fiberglass molds. The process went from a computer screen, to 2 bodies built and ready for the Parker 425, all in less than 2 weeks! Technology is driving force here at FiberwerX. What was learned on this project will be applied to future production and custom parts.


FiberwerX Celebrates The 40th Anniversary of The Most Iconic Monster Truck In History, Bigfoot

“40 years ago, BIGFOOT creator Bob Chandler started racing his stock F-250 truck in local truck & tractor pulls, 4×4 events and Mud Bogs. Chandler’s co-workers named him BIGFOOT for his aggressive driving style and the name was transferred to his truck. As more parts were added, the BIGFOOT kept on getting bigger. Bigger tires, bigger motors, bigger shock absorbers…. and the rest is history. Years later and over 20 different versions of BIGFOOT, the truck remains the Standard of the Monster Truck racing industry” Bigfoot builds their trucks with the FiberwerX Ford Raptor Trophy Truck body. These bodies are similar to the Geiser Trophy Truck bodies also built by FiberwerX. The Bigfoot bodies are longer and have additional clearance for the huge 66″ x 43″ x 25″ Firestone tires they run. Bigfoot FiberwerX bodies stand up to the incredible punishment during their high flying shows and record breaking leaps. The Firestone Bigfoot was the first to run the FiberwerX body. Driver Dan Runte took the Guinness World Record for a monster truck long jump, soaring over 214 ft. in Indianapolis, IN. with FiberwerX glass.


FiberwerX Racing Earns Top Five Finish at San Felipe 250

It can be argued that every race in the SCORE International series is a sprint race but none more than the San Felipe 250. At only 250 miles, it is one of the shortest races on the schedule. Despite miles of punishing terrain, competitors need to endure an all-out pace or get left behind. When Jason McNeil lined up at the start, he was already at a disadvantage. His team did not have their race engine ready so they were running the low compression test motor in its place.



2015 Ford F150 Product Line

FiberwerX is currently working on new fenders and bedsides for the all-new 2015 Ford F150. The design is inspired by the 2017 Ford Raptor. They will have Raptor styling cues, and feature a mild bulge/flare. Available early April, and conversions for older (04-14) F150’s will soon follow.

Photography By: Bink Designs & BigFoot