FiberwerX Racing Perseveres Through A Tough Day At San Felipe 250

Read Story March 4th, 2016

San Felipe, Baja California Mexico A top five finish in the SCORE, San Felipe 250 is something to be proud of. San Felipe is a sprint race that takes place in absolutely punishing terrain. Miles and miles of nasty whoops stretch on forever. When you are running at a winning pace, the sound of the […]

The Future Is Now At FiberwerX

Read Story August 3rd, 2015

Whether it’s a futuristic body design or a glimpse at a future star in the Lucas Oil Series, FiberwerX is leading the way. If you can dream it, they can make it happen.

FiberwerX Racing Takes Top Five Despite Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight

Read Story January 30th, 2015

San Felipe, Baja California Mexico It can be argued that every race in the SCORE International series is a sprint race but none more than the San Felipe 250. At only 250 miles, it is one of the shortest races on the schedule. Despite miles of punishing terrain, competitors need to endure an all-out pace […]

Fiberwerx Winter 2014 Newsletter

Read Story December 23rd, 2014

Hola friends. We hope the year of 2014 treated everyone well. FiberwerX has been extremely busy with improving infrastructure capabilities, expanding new product development, and upgrading the race program with major new vehicle additions. As the end of the year winds down, please take a look on the inner workings of what has taken place […]

FiberwerX Racing Runs Hard in Vegas, Finds Positive Traction

Read Story May 1st, 2013

Jason McNeil, Owner of FiberwerX and an accomplished racer, has put together a fresh new ProLite program with aspirations that will support his goals and continue to build his brand. With a small crew made up of friends and family, FiberwerX optimistically made the trip from their San Diego based race shop and hauled out […]

2012 Off-Road Expo, FWX & Rockstar Join Forces!

This post is missing a thumbnail Read Story October 2nd, 2012

Pomona, CA The crew at FiberwerX has joined forces with the Rockstar Garage, to bring an exciting atmosphere to the 2012 Off-Road Expo.  The same mindset that created the famous energy drinks has spawned the Rockstar Garage. Rockstar has partnered with LDRSHIP Designs who share the same desire to go beyond the ordinary and take […]