Fiberwerx Racing Takes the Overall Win at the Record San Felipe 250

We recently headed south to Ensenada, Baja California for the Record San Felipe 250. The Race was going to be a perfect testing ground for the new Trophy Truck. The Mint 400 had not treated the truck so kindly and after some revisions, new parts, and testing, we were ready to take on this 2 part race through the mountains and desert of Baja. We arrived in Ojos Negros the day before the race to run the Trophy Truck through its paces one last time before the race. After a few passes we noticed the transmission was getting hot, real hot! All of the coolers and fans were functioning properly, and of course we didn’t bring a spare. The decision was then made – Rather than risk a transmission catastrophe, we would sit the race out.

With heads hung low we headed into Ensenada to at least enjoy contingency, and grab a few tacos before heading home. It may have been the excitement of contingency, or the habenero hot sauce that sparked the next idea. The perpetual problem solver and Fiberwerx owner Jason McNeil half joking asked the crew if we wanted to race the prerunner. The response was a few laughs, a few no ways, and thankfully a few why nots! Next thing you know we were “race prepping” the prerunner, slapping on stickers, and rolling through contingency.

We set off Saturday morning with the intention of having some fun. The prerunner has AC, functional power windows, 1000 watts of stereo, and an underpowered LS3. We knew we were out classed with 10 entries in the open class. Our pace was solid, but nowhere near white knuckle. As we logged miles, we began to make some unexpected passes. The 2 stage format of the race forced all the vehicles to stop in San Matias at mile 103 for a restart. By this point Jason McNeil had positioned the prerunner into the lead spot. When the green flag dropped for the second time, the plan was to just keep everyone in our rear view mirror, and that is exactly what happened. As the truck rolled through the finish line people were confused. No checked flag, no cheering fans, it was just another prerunner rolling into town, or so they thought! As the dust settled and other vehicles began to roll into town, the times started to be logged, and it was determined that Fiberwerx Racing took the overall win by over 14 minutes.

It was definitely a race for the memory books!