FiberwerX Racing Takes Top Five Despite Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight


San Felipe, Baja California Mexico

It can be argued that every race in the SCORE International series is a sprint race but none more than the San Felipe 250. At only 250 miles, it is one of the shortest races on the schedule. Despite miles of punishing terrain, competitors need to endure an all-out pace or get left behind. When Jason McNeil lined up at the start, he was already at a disadvantage. His team did not have their race engine ready so they were running the low compression test motor in its place. It might have been novel to fill up with pump gas at the Pemex station before the race but he was giving up at least 100 horsepower to his competitors. Despite the lack of power and a few hurdles along the way, the FiberwerX team persevered and earned a top five finish to start their season on a high note.


“It’s not easy giving up a hundred horsepower to Tavo, BJ and Steven Eugenio,” said Jason McNeil, “We had to dig deep and make the best of it. To make matters worse, the course had many low hanging branches that knocked off our antennae’s. We had no radio communications with the pits so we just ran a pace that we were comfortable with.” That pace was good enough to pass several trucks in the first 60 miles putting them second on the road after starting 9th. “We had to stop for a flat in a rocky section,” says Jason, “That’s when Tavo passed us with Eugenio right on his tail. Our truck is a three seater so it took us a little longer to get strapped in; we will work on that before the next race. As we got back underway, BJ got around us before we were up to speed.” As Jason’s pace picked up in pursuit of the leaders he developed a brakes issue; the pedal was going to the floor. “We hit a g-out and stood the truck up on its nose; we almost rolled it,” says Jason, “We had to stop and make some makeshift repairs.”


With an injured truck and transmission temps climbing due to the deep sand, they concentrated on running a solid pace and getting to the finish. They soon closed in on Cameron Steele who had started ahead of them. Still without a radio, they knew they had corrected time on Steele so they elected to follow him into the finish. They were unaware that Justin Davis was charging from the back and gaining time on them. At the finish, they beat Steele but got nipped for 4th place by Davis.


2014 SCORE San Felipe 250

“We are happy to come away from San Felipe with a top five finish, said Jason, “We are still dialing in the new truck. This truck is much more competitive than our first truck. Our combination of Nitto Tires, Method Race Wheels and FOX Shocks with components from Aeromotive, FK Rod Ends, Baja Designs, Magnaflow, Powder1 and graphics by Bink Designs it’s really coming together. San Felipe was a good test for us and we now have a better understanding of where we need to improve our game. We will spend some time testing and tuning before the next race. The minor issues that plagued us in San Felipe will be resolved.”

The FiberwerX team’s performance during the race made a big impression on the fans at the race, and to those who were tracking it live on the internet; many asked who’s driving #2? Despite having over 20 years of desert racing experience, Jason and his team are relatively new in the Trophy Truck field. After a performance like this, it won’t be long before the #2 FiberwerX Trophy Truck becomes a house hold name among the ranks of the top Trophy Truck teams.

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