Fiberwerx Winter 2014 Newsletter

Hola friends. We hope the year of 2014 treated everyone well. FiberwerX has been extremely busy with improving infrastructure capabilities, expanding new product development, and upgrading the race program with major new vehicle additions.

As the end of the year winds down, please take a look on the inner workings of what has taken place during the last few months here at FiberwerX.

We are proud to present our new Ford Raptor fenders and bedsides.  These flared body panels feature 2.5″ of bulge and 1″ of increased wheel well height.  The additional tire coverage will accommodate up to a 37″ tire with aftermarket wheels on your factory suspension.  These fenders will also allow you to retain your stock fender liner.

The new FiberwerX Raptor bedsides match the styling and will make the perfect compliment to any vehicle with the appropriate aftermarket upgrades. Click the image to view all the angles.

Trade Show Exhibits:
For the off road industry, the Fall & Winter season is packed back to back with trade shows that cater to the automotive & after market categories. We started off at the Off Road Expo in Pomona CA. This show brings out 60,000+ attendees, and draws over 300 vendors. Our indoors booth was strategically placed to feed off the excitement of SCORE International vehicle displays and media announcements, and the DirtSports “Dirt Nation” area. FiberwerX proudly displayed our new #17 Trophy Truck and Luxury Prerunner along with many new FiberwerX made products and fenders. As usual we had a great response and thank you to all of those who stopped by and/or came to visit.

Photo by Bink Designs

As soon as we wrapped things up from the Off Road Expo, FiberwerX immediately began making preparations for the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Our new tire partner, Nitto Tires set aside a few spaces inside their main exhibit for our unique 6 door tow rig, and again the luxury trophy truck prerunner was the center of attention. Besides the FiberwerX built vehicles on display, dozens of other high end SEMA quality show vehicles were featured throughout the event.


FiberwerX Race Report:
2014 was an off year for our in house racing programs. However, that is to say, it was not without its usual accolades. Most recently Jason McNeil scored an overall win during the RECORD Race Ready 250 (His 2nd overall win of ther year). Click here for the full report with videos, and images.

Jason also earned wins co-driving for “Pistol” Pete Sohren at this year’s SCORE Baja 500 & Baja 1000 in Class 7. FiberwerX team driver, T.K. McNeil took down his usual first place finish at the Del Ma Tuff Trucks exhibition, his 3rd in three years, and also a victory in the popular Sand Sports Bee Hive 1450 Race in Orange County. We would also like to recognize the many people in the industry who represent the FiberwerX brand day in and day out, on and off the track. Our friends, like Nick Tonelli, who organizes the Bee Hive events deserve an very special honorable mention.

That is it for FiberwerX for the terrific year of 2014. We hope everyone fairs well in their on road / off road adventures and are looking forward to seeing you all in 2015