From Desert Racing to Short Course, FiberwerX Has What You’re Looking For

El Cajon, CA

FiberwerX has released several new body styles available for 2015. In the desert, Youtheory Racing and Adam Lunn have brand new bodies designed to integrate with their Armada Engineering Trophy Trucks. TSCO Racing has a stunning 2015 Ford F-150 body on their Trophy Truck as well.


Short course racers have several new bodies to choose from too. Eric Fitch and Patrick Clark are running FiberwerX Chevy Silverado bodies on their Pro-2’s. Pro Lite racers were not left out when it came to the striking new Chevy Silverado body. Justin “Bean” Smith, Cole Mamer and Brandon Arthur are all racing Pro Lite in Chevy Silverado’s.


In the Ford camp, reigning Pro-2 Champion Brian Deegan has Ford Raptor inspired glass and 9-time champion Carl Renezeder has a Ford F-150 body cloaking his Truck.


FiberwerX bodies are much more than just eye candy. FiberwerX is leading the way in new materials and advanced technology. A lot of the work that goes into each design is in the subtler details. The panels are hand laid, use special flex agents and are reinforced in key areas; all for durability. The attention to detail yields a body that is stronger and at the same time, lighter.


Every team has features that are unique to their chassis; the width and height of the interior cage, curved or straight roof bars; it all needs to be taken into account during the design process. The body panels need to fit snugly, allow good vision for the driver and also provide surfaces that will properly display the sponsor logos. FiberwerX bodies are designed to accommodate all the variables.

Speaking of logos, FiberwerX can incorporate team colors into the gel coat; saving the added weight and hassle of sending them out for paint. The familiar red, white and blue colors on Carl Renezeder’s new Ford now come straight from FiberwerX. Carl’s new body panels save the crew time but as a driver, he’s more concerned with how they look from the inside of the truck. “My new Ford body from FiberwerX has great vision out the front and the peripheral vision is much better,” said Carl, I also like that the body is now much lighter.”


When it comes to light weight, you can’t beat the strength to weight ratio of carbon fiber. FiberwerX is developing new chassis panels using carbon materials.


For years, the panels that seal the interior of the trucks were made from aluminum. It took highly skilled fabricators hours to create these hand formed pieces. FiberwerX now makes them from carbon fiber. The exact part can be easily duplicated and more complex shapes are now possible. The panels come on all new Geiser Brothers Trophy Trucks and Pro Lite racer Ryan Beat has been one of the first to use these panels on his short course truck. “FiberwerX has come up with a really awesome product that looks cool and saves weight,” says Beat, “I’m pumped at the opportunity to run it!”


The carbon panels are not the only new technology being developed at FiberwerX. State of the art design and manufacturing are in use. The Armada and TSCO Trophy Truck bodies were designed on a computer in the same assembly as the chassis using precision tolerances. The computer models were then used to program the cutting paths on a CNC milling machine. Plugs were machined out of solid blocks on the mill. Those plugs were then used to produce the molds. Solid modeling of the body panels gives designers powerful new tools to optimize construction, provide a precise fit and even analyze the air flow over the body.

FiberwerX is doing their part to advance design and manufacturing. As race vehicle builders continue to innovate, FiberwerX is there to complete the package. One call is all it takes, call FiberwerX today 619.654.4451.

Photography By: Bink Designs