Fiberwerx 2012 Mini Raptor Trophy Kart Body

The popularity of the Ford Raptor has trickled its way all the way down to Trophy Karts thanks to the creative minds at FiberwerX. We’ve taken the styling cues of the full size truck and shrunk them down to a size and platform that we all wish was around when we were kids. This 6 piece body kit fits all Trophy Kart chassis’ and all of the components are available individually in case your junior racer is still learning their vehicles limits.

TKR-001 (Complete Body)

TKR-003 (Hood)

TKR-006 (Driver Door)

TKR-007 (Passenger Door)

TKR-008 (Roof)

TKR-009 (Driver Bedside)

TKR-010 (Passenger Bedside)


SKU: TKR-001

Sizes / Features
  • Direct Bolt On
  • Race Purposes Only