2014 Ford Raptor Pro 2 or 4 “Deegan” Body

This 8 piece body designed by Brian Deegan is sure to make your Pro 2 or 4 race truck turn heads, with features like Raptor styling and integrated grille this body is surer to stay ahead of it’s time. With lightweight design and low hood for optimum visibility.

U2F-RAP-101 (Complete Body)

U2F-RAP-103 (Hood)

U2F-RAP-104 (Driver Fender)

U2F-RAP-105 (Passenger Fender)

U2F-RAP-106 (Driver Door)

U2F-RAP-107 (Passenger Door)

U2F-RAP-108 (Roof)

U2F-RAP-109 (Driver Bedside)

U2F-RAP-110 Pasenger Bedside)


SKU: U2F-RAP-101

Sizes / Features
  • Integrated Grille
  • Race Purposes Only