2014 Ford Raptor Pro 4 Only “Deegan” Body

2014 Raptor Deegan Pro 4 only, unique design with more room in the wheel well area and extreme low hood for great visibility. One piece front end with flat grille, as well as a 3 piece front end. This is our most sleek design when it comes to style. Upgrade your Pro 4 today.

U2F-RAP-201 (Complete Body)

U2F-RAP-103 (Hood)

U2F-RAP-204 (Driver Fender)

U2F-RAP-205 (Passenger Fender)

U2F-RAP-503 (Hood)

One Piece Hood

U2F-RAP-106 (Driver Door)

U2F-RAP-107 (Passenger Door)

U2F-RAP-108 (Roof)

U2F-RAP-109 (Driver Bedside)

U2F-RAP-110 (Passenger Bedside)


SKU: U2F-RAP-201

Sizes / Features
  • One Piece Design or 3 Piece
  • Pro 4 Only
  • For Race Purposes Only