Fiberwerx 2016 Short Course Mini Raptor TK Body

Mod kids USA asked and we responded with this body with new lines and updated features to include a one piece hood and cab update, or the standard 6 piece version

TKS-001 (Complete Body) 6 Piece Body

TKS-011 (Complete Body) 3 Piece Body

One Piece Hood and Cab

TKS-003 (Hood)

TKS-013 (Hood)

One Piece Hood and Cab

TKS-006 (Driver Door)

TKS-007 (Passenger Door)

TKS-008 (Roof)

TKS-009 (Driver Bedside)

TKS-010 (Passenger Bedside)


SKU: TKS-001

Sizes / Features
  • Direct Bolt On
  • For Race Purposes Only