2017 Ford Raptor Pro 2 or 4 Body

Fiberwerx took the platform of our Gen 1 Raptor and answered the call on the Gen 2 Raptor Pro 2 or 4 body, with aerodynamic styling and sleek new body lines this Body is sure to answer the call for 2017. Upgrade today and shave seconds off your lap times!

U2F-RAP-601 (Complete Body)

U2F-RAP-603 (Hood)

U2F-RAP-606 (Driver Door)

U2F-RAP-607 (Passenger Door)

U2F-RAP-608 (Roof)

U2F-RAP-609 (Driver Bedside)

U2F-RAP-610 (Passenger Bedside)

U2F-RAP-611 (Valance)


SKU: U2F-RAP-601

Sizes / Features
  • Headlights Filled
  • Race Purposes Only