Ford Raptor Pro 2 or Pro 4 Body

FiberwerX is still offering the highly popular 1st Gen Ford Raptor Pro 2 & 4 bodies for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing & TORC Series. These bodies are lightweight, backed with hi-grade cloth for superior strength & durability. The hood is low to give your driver great visibility out on the race course. This 9-piece body features seperate hood, fenders, and grille, for easy replacement. Additional features include built-in louvers, SVT Logos, Grille & bumper dam for wind resistance. FiberwerX offers the roof in a 62″ & 58″ versions for different truck setups.

U2F-RAP-001 (Complete Body)

U2F-RAP-002 (Grille)

U2F-RAP-003 (Hood)

U2F-RAP-004 (Driver Fender)

U2F-RAP-005 (Passenger Fender)

U2F-RAP-006 (Driver Door)

U2F-RAP-007 (Passenger Door)

U2F-RAP-008 (Roof) 58″

U2F-RAP-018 (Roof) 62″

U2F-RAP-009 (Driver Bedside)

U2F-RAP-010 (Passenger Bedside)


SKU: U2F-RAP-001

Sizes / Features
  • Headlights Filled
  • Louvers
  • Race Purposes Only
  • SVT Vents