The Future Is Now At FiberwerX


El Cajon, CA
Whether it’s a futuristic body design or a glimpse at a future star in the Lucas Oil Series, FiberwerX is leading the way. If you can dream it, they can make it happen. A prime example is the Bronco body that will cover the Brenthel Dakar Rally Vehicle during the legendary race in South America. You can also find some of our new products in this edition of the newsletter and an interview with Pro Lite sensation Brad DeBerti. DeBerti made a huge statement when he won back to back rounds of racing during his Lucas Oil Series debut. Brad runs a FiberwerX Raptor body on his Pro Lite race truck.


Brenthel Dakar Racer Gets Bronco Inspired FiberwerX Body

If you are going to tackle the legendary Dakar Rally as an American team, why not go looking like an American icon. The FiberwerX designed body for the Brenthel Dakar race vehicle represents what a Bronco for the next century might look like, if it was available. The striking design is unlike anything else. Brenthel will be causing a lot of stretched necks when this stunning futuristic truck navigates throughout South America during the Dakar Rally.


15+ Factory Style Conversion Kit Fits: 15+ F150

The creative abilities of FiberwerX were put on display as these parts were built entirely from scratch.


Give Your 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado A Face Lift

Also new to our line is the 2015 Silverado one piece conversion for 2007-2013 trucks. FiberwerX has this available for standard wheel base trucks and a more extreme version for serious prerunners with a custom wheel base. SCORE Trophy Truck racer Apdaly Lopez preran the Baja 500 with this new body kit on his prerunner, and went on to take the overall Baja 500 win.


Brad Deberti, Overnight Sensation

The old saying goes that there is no such thing as an overnight sensation. Most people work for years to achieve success in racing. Brad DeBerti shatters that model. Since he burst onto the Pro Lite scene in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, he has ran up front. He is paying his dues as he progresses; hard work and dedication is being invested in real time.

“We have always done things together as a family,” said DeBerti, “We would go snowboarding, ride motorcycles, whatever was fun, we would try it. My Dad was watching a Lucas Oil race on TV and said, “We should do that.” We went to a race and could not believe how exciting it was just walking in the pits. We put a down payment on a truck and went home to sell everything but the house. My Mom and Dad, and my brother are all into this 100%; everyone loves it.”

DeBerti is the real deal; he won his first two rounds and currently sits third in the points standings. His truck racing experience before this season consisted of a couple desert races in his Ford Ranger. He dropped a cylinder during the SNORE series Battle at Primm race, and still managed a 4th place finish. What he lacks in experience he makes up for with hard work and raw talent. “Sure I’m driven,” Says DeBerti, “But we are also having a lot of fun. Even when things go wrong like losing a transmission, we don’t get down. We may be under pressure but we are still laughing and having a good time. I keep pushing because I really want to win the championship as a rookie. That’s why I’m in the shop from sun up to sun down.”

Brad DeBerti runs a FiberwerX Raptor body on his truck for a couple of reasons. “I had FiberwerX fenders on my Ranger,” said DeBerti, “I saw them on other trucks and really liked how they looked. We are running the FiberwerX Raptor body on our Pro Lite. I appreciate how they are always checking in with us at the races to see if everything is OK and how they can make it better. We would like to get some sponsors involved with our program and the FiberwerX body is the best looking out there.”

Watch for Brad DeBerti to continue his success in his FiberwerX bodied Pro Lite when the Lucas Oil Series heads south of the border August 1st and 2nd. The Lucas Oil Series will be in Ensenada, Baja Mexico for the Baja International Short Course race at Estero Beach. The first time event for the Lucas Oil Series will be racing by the shores of the Pacific Ocean at the beautiful Estero Beach track. It will be a level playing field since every team will be starting with a blank sheet of paper.

Race Photo Courtesy: Bink Designs